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How to Get Involved

Be part of our team and give what you can. Your time, your voice, your funds or your friends – every contribution counts. Your help will support rural communities, save wildlife and help conserve our environment.

There are many ways to help and save our planet:

Sign Up. Become a Member for only $5 per month

For as little as $5 per month you get to support one of the wildlife campaigns and be a part of our annual lucky draw to Win a trip to Africa for two!

Whether you are an individual, business or organization, large or small wanting to build awareness and help positively change our world.

Get Social

Find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and share our page with friends and family.

Start a Fundraiser

Set up a fundraiser and ask friends and family to support you.

Travel to Africa in Luxury

Browse through our guided journeys and experience Africa in luxury while we donate the cause of your choice.

Compete or perform for our Cause

Are you an athlete, musician or performer? Contact us to learn how your race, competition or event helps the cause.