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Fundraiser Tips

Think of an idea – Depending on your circumstances, you may have different possibilities to raise money for a good cause. From a donation box, sales stalls to awareness merchandise. There are virtually thousands of successful promotional campaigns out there. Use your imagination and choose which is the best way for you.

Set a Reasonable Fundraising Goal – When your goal is attainable, your friends will be more likely to give, and to give more! Nothing could be more fun than achieving success, and knowing you’ve positively impacted lives around the globe.

Add a Description – Not sure what to say? Feel free to use our description copy. However, including what you’re doing and why it matters will help others understand your project, give a donation and tell others.

Think About Promotion – When you have ideas of how to involve others, you’ll be more successful. Consider how to spread the word by email, social media, video or good, old-fashioned letters. Plus, if you decide to do something offline, you can add those details to your fundraiser’s description.

Seed Your Fundraiser – Before you ask anyone else to contribute, show that you also support the cause by making a contribution.

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Fundraiser Ideas
  • Terrance and Katie raised $1,250 by asking for contributions to Save the Rhino instead of wedding gifts.
  • Josh raised $11,051 by getting his and other yoga studios involved in Stop Canned Hunting to others.
  • Maria’s insurance company raised $400 by putting a donation box in their lunchroom.